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We are happy that you have chosen German Haustechnik as your Certifying Plumber & Gas Fitter in Auckland, NZ.

Please stay healthy and safe!
Health is our greatest asset, so make sure you stay healthy. We will help you through these 
times of uncertainty, as we are still available for anyone needing their essential services in plumbing & gas fitting taken care off.

We are here to help!
German Haustechnik has always been a place where quality craftmanship, materials, and knowledge beyond the norm are a certainty that you could always rely upon. You still can.

We will make sure that all your services are being taken care off in a professional manner and with the utmost skill and safety to accomodate you in these times of need.
Covid19 has turned all our lives upside down, but rest assured we will look after everything that helps keep you and your entire household safe.


Are you looking for short cuts? Please move on.
In our experience short cuts are for those with no real skills or knowledge.
Which brings us to our most important point:

Trained in Germany 
we have gained a

Masters degree in Central Heating, Ventilation, Plumbing and Gas Installations.
This included studies in how to run a business effectively and efficiently, but first and foremost in a CLEAN, EFFICIENT, COST EFFECTIVE and SAFE way.  

We guarantie that we will bring the best of this knowledge to you.  
Our knowledge is upgraded on a regular basis as the Plumbers Board expects from Certifying Plumbers and Gas Fitters. We can proudly announce that we have now also gained certification as a backflow specialist to make sure that everything that we do on your house will be safer still. 

If high quality and safety is what you are after, read on or contact us on



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Bathroom Design

We do both designing and installing your new bathroom. We help you find the best, and most economic tap ware and bathroom furniture to suit your taste and size of your bathroom.
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Kitchen Installation

We are making this essential part of living a pleasurable place by helping you choose the most economic energy for both hot water for both sink and dishwasher and cooking.
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Gas Fitting

All your gas fitting needs are certified after installation. Because safety for you keeps everybody happy and healthy.

For all your water heating, gas fitting, new bathroom or kitchen installation,

 give us a ring on 027 303 1958