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Installation of Heating Systems in Auckland, NZ

 As Certifying Plumber & Gas fitter in Auckland with over 35 years of experience we have acquired a range of skills, both in New Zealand and Europe.This gives us the edge.  

Installation of heating systems is something that most of us only take as an afterthought when the weather already hits its lowest temperatures. But summer is the time to think of the times ahead so you are snug in winter as you felt in summer. 

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Looking professional in every situation. We start at the youngest family members.

Want to know how many liters of water you use on average:

Drinking  ........................................................    2

Cooking  .........................................................    2

Dishwasher  ....................................................    6

General cleaning in and around the home  ......  13

Cleaning your hands and body  .......................    9

Washing machine  ............................................  15

Toilet  ..............................................................  40

Bath and shower ...............................................  44

This makes an average usage of approx 130 liter of water per day per person. This may vary from person to person depending on many factors. But as we are often not aware of where our water bill comes from, here is something you may want to consider for yourself.

...which brings us to our services for you:

Plumbing Services

  • Rainwater Installations
  • Hot Water Cylinder Upgrades
  • Tap Repairs & Replacements
  • Water Filters and Pressure Pumps
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Bathroom Installations & Alterations
  • Kitchen Installations & Alterations
  • Dishwasher Installations
  • Waste Disposal Units
  • Eye Wash Installations
  • Safety Shower Installations
  • Autoboil Repairs & Replacement
  • Laundry Installations & Alterations
  • Backflow Prevention Certificate &          Testing
  • Insurance Refurbishment
  • Pre-Purchase Plumbing & Roofing & Inspection
  • New Homes, Factories & Warehouses
  • Certification of all Plumbing and Gas fitting / Sign-off's
  • Rangehood Ventilation and Ducting

Gas Services

  • Gas Fires Installation & Maintenance
  • Gas Heaters Installation
  • Radiator heating
  • Gas and Diesel boiler
  • Switch from Electric to Gas
  • Commercial kitchens and launderettes 

As it is summer right now, we want to think of BBQ's with friends and family. 


BBQ's run by gas bottles can be a real risk. So make sure the bottles have been tested by your gas supplier and the bottles been certified. Summertime is too precious to waste with results of faulty bbq gear.  We wish for all our customers to stay safe and have a very enjoyable time outdoors.  

 Some tips and tricks to stay warm and cozy in winter, all of which are an eco friendly way to heat and ventilate and build your home:

1. Make sure there are no gaps around doors and windows
2. Double glazing keeps the heat in winter inside
3. Insulate your house as much as you can 
4. Carpets are warmer than tiles or lino-flooring (unless you have underfloor heating.)
5. Take short showers to avoid extra steam and therefore mould building in corners
6. Turn taps off when not directly being used
7. Air your house every day. A 5minute burst of fresh air brings new oxygen into the rooms which heats up more effectively than stale air. This is particularly important to prevent mould growth in bathrooms and bedrooms.

By following the tips above you will be:
  • Saving your furniture and appliances as your home is warm and dry. Therefore no mould can build up and your furniture lives longer.
  • Saving your health as no mould spores are in the air that can give you lung deceases which in turn saves you to go to the doctor and increasing your physical energy levels.
  • Saving your money as new appliances are build more effective and efficient. 
  • Saving you hassles as you have to worry less about your health, your money and your environment inside and outside. Old, dusty appliances can give up gases and blow particles in the air that can be hazardous to the environment as well as your health. 

The Pay-off for you:

A) The pay-off lies in saving energy by using good insulation on long exposed hot water pipes. Each meter of exposed hot water loses you heat, which the heat source has to re-heat, hence costing you money and pollutes the environment unnecessary.

B) The other pay-off lies in the use of the right heating source. A gas continuous water unit (Infinity) is one of the most environmentally friendly sources, as it only uses the fuel for as long as you have the hot water tap open. This puts you in charge about how much water and energy you use and therefore how much pollutants get into the air. Long showers negate positive results elsewhere. 

A hot water cylinder on the other hand keeps the heat at a constant level of heat, which means, it uses energy 24/7, even when well insulated. Old cylinders are often double as expensive to run than a gas infinity hot water unit. If your electricity source is not connected to renewable energy, it uses approx. 30% more energy than gas. This means: More pollutants get into the environment in order to keep your water constantly warm. 

As we look toward Europe, we have found incredible ways of building efficient and effective ways for heating systems and materials the most environmentally friendly way possible. As Germany is very cold in winter, building materials have to be efficient and effective. Technology is constantly upgraded to find the most eco-friendly ways as other more environmentally friendly energy sources have to be developed.  

The word ECO is often misleading and not well understood. 

Eco is actually a lifestyle that looks at everything in its entirety

The real meaning of going ECO:

For instance, when the house gets a new heating system it should also be insulated so the heat stays where it should be - in your home, keeping you warm and healthy during winter. If the heat can escape from your house by way of little or no insulation or gaps in doors and windows, the heating source has to produce more heat and the environment gets a higher dose of pollutants. The right heating system therefore means you are saving real money as well as keeping both the environment cleaner and yourself healthier. 

                 We have you in mind to stay healthy and safe in your home 

                                                for a long time to come.

GERMAN HAUSTECHNIK LTD will certify to whatever we build will be 100% safe for you and your family and for the next generation to build on. 

As eco friends we look at the whole picture. Health is our most precious investment in the house we build for generations to come. 

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